Auto Aer Pty Ltd is a Brisbane based company dedicated to classic, custom and hot rod components. We specialise in automotive air conditioning and vehicle cooling as well as many different hard to find spare parts.

The business was created out of necessity to supply an affordable and reliable method to cool classic vehicles, so their owners could enjoy them all year round. With Queensland often exceeding 40 degrees in summer, a practical cooling solution was needed. Not being able to enjoy weekend drives and car shows was the catalyst for the creation of Auto Aer Pty Ltd.

Why Buy Australian?

Increasingly overseas companies are targeting the Australian automotive market and capitalising on the growing vintage, classic and hot rod restoration trend sweeping the country. The problem is that profits are shifted out of Australia and avoid paying tax in this country. So what’s the problem ?, when companies fail to pay tax in Australia, all Australian citizens suffer, as less government revenue is available to invest in education, health, and infrastructure.

Auto Aer Pty Ltd is proudly 100 percent Australian owned and operated. We proudly employ locally and pay our fair share of tax in our country for the benefit of all Australian's.


Thank you for shopping with an Australian owned retailer, and making a choice to keep Australia strong.



Need Technical Help

Do you have a technical question, need help finding the right product for your needs or just want to confirm your choices ?
Why not send us an e-mail and one of our friendly staff will help answer any questions you may have.
E-mail us at - sales@autoaer.com.au
Phone - (07) 3497 9432 (9-4pm Monday to Fridays)